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Q:When your was company founded?

Rfouned in 2011

Q: what are key customers?

R:our clients mainly come from USA, Germany and Europe high-end brand.

Q:Where is the company located?

R:Located in Henggang, Shenzhen,China

Q”What is your core business?

R:we focusing on eyewear business. 



Q:How much experience (average) do your workers have?

R: with more than 10years experience.

Q:How many hours do they work? 

R: usually around 8 hours.

Q:How many days do they have off per month?

R: around 6 days.

Q:Do they gat paid per piece or per hour?

R: they get paid per hour.

Q:Do you have any special rules or conditions for your employees?

R:No, they should be treated equally.


Lead time

Q:What is lead time for manufacturing frames including ordering materials? Pls specify per acetate/metal/titanium/combination frames.

R:Usually, 60-70 days for acetate/metal/Titanium frames,

65-75 days for combination frames.

Q:What is lead time for manufacturing frames excluding ordering materials (so when materials arrived)? specify per acetate/metal/titanium/combination frames

R:Around 30-40days for acetate/titanium frames, 40-50 days for combination frames.

Q:How long does it take to make a prototype after receiving the technical drawing?

R:depends on structure,normally 25-30days.

Q:What does the lead time depend upon? (Production time? Queue time?)

R:depends on if need to open mould and the acetate color you reuired have stock?



Q:What material can you do?

R: acetate, metal, titanium, aluminum,TR90, we are especially professional high quality lamination and combination frames.

Q: What the materials of the lens?

R: Usually we have the following different material lens to match eyeframes: Acrylic lens (demo lens for optical frames), CR-39 lens, nylon lens, Polarized lens. About the sunlens, we use Carl Zeiss or QuanYu Sunlens for most of our customers, they are

both high grade quality sunlens.

Q:What is the production capacity of your factory? (PER Month)

R: around 50000-60000pieces.

Q:What is the MOQ?

R:Usually,300pcs/style with max 2 different color, if the color you required we no need MOQ.

Q:How many CNC machines do you have?

R: 4 CNC

Q:Would we be able to stock acetate/raw materials at the factory?




Q:Where do your materials come from?

R:from the material factory, like JinYu, MAZZUCCHELLI acetate, it depends on clients demands.

Q:Do you outsource certain things?

R:we just produce for our customer.

Q:What does your Quality Control process look like?

R:Each product process have the QC, once checed if ok, then can go to the next department. Quality check of material, quality control in production and final check before delivery are carried out to ensure our product quality.

Q:What is the quality level of frames?

R:Can meet CE,FDA.Dropball test.



Q:What does your Sample Process look like?

R:drawing-customer confiming-making-report the process to the clients-once be finsihed, take the photos to clients-send it to clients.

Q:How long will it take you to send the technical drawing in return after we send our drawings?

R:1-2 days.

Q:Are there any sample costs involved?

R:if no need to open mould, then no any additonal cost will be charged from you,just need to pay our labor cost.Usually,USD80/style with max 3 dirrerent color.

Q:Are there any mould or CNC costs involved?

R: depends on your style if need open the mould.

Q:Is it a problem to make 6 samples of each SKU for each collection?

R: Yes, can do according to your requirement.

Cost & payment terms

What is the average cost per frame?

R: Depends on your structure , color, if metal on....

Q:What are the payment terms?

R: 30before production,70before shipping, both of them should be by TT.


Co operation

Q: How to do business with us?

R: If you want to order, please visit our website (http://www.lanroloptical.com ) or our factory, you can contact us by mail (info@lanroloptical.com )or phone. You are welcome to contact us for detail, thanks.

Q: Can you produce according to our own design?

R:Yes, we can make your models which your design. 
1. You just send us your detailed drawings such as AI, Corel Draw , CAD profile or real samples. 
2. we make new models according your design or sample, and send for you comfirm. 
3. we will modify if any changes needed. 
4. if all ok, then you place the order, we start to do business. 
5. Both totally new design and making a little change of our products are acceptable (will place order on this model)



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